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At present, thanks to the reasonable economic policy of the government, Russia has become a very attractive market. Business in our country is swiftly growing and has encouraging prospects of steady growth.
If you are looking for the ways of doing business in Russia, then it would be interesting to you to get to know our company -


Our Company, with the trademark «Wonder Life», was established on May 21, 2007. Although the Company has no long history, it is headed by the knowledgeable managers with more than 17 years of experience of dealing in jug-type water filters, as well as in other domestic appliances. We have experience of setting up wholesale networks in different town and city localities in Russia,Belarus and Kazahstan, including the city of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

At the moment the Company is engaged in goods deliveries to Moscow stores and supermarkets, and we are actively developing distribution networks in Russian regions, in the Republic of Belarus and Kazahstan.

Our experts are looking for interesting goods with good sale potentials in Russia and former CIS republics.

The main and obligatory criteria for our goods are:

  1. High quality. All goods manufactured under the trademark «Wonder Life» must meet high quality standards.
  2. High efficiency in housekeeping. The slogan of our company is "Products for home, family and health". In selecting goods our experts do their utmost to choose those ones which would be real godsends to the buyers.
  3. Reasonable goods prices for the end user.

If your goods meet the aforesaid requirements, are made with love and care, have high quality and can become an excellent and useful supplement in the everyday life of any buyer and his family and, of course, if you are looking for a reliable partner in Russia, you are welcome. We will be glad to see you among our partners!

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You can see photos from some interesting exhibitions where we took part here.
Video gallery about our company you can find  here

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